Jura Kids Summer Camp : Monday 19th August

It was supposed to rain the whole day and in the end we had very nice weather! After the morning welcome and bike checks for safety, we went for a nice ride in the forest and went to our picnic area.

After lunch, we did some arts and craft and the kids were very creative! Some did bow and arrows, flowers, a tent, fishing rods, fishing spears and many more!

We did another bike ride in the afternoon and returned to the hall, and cleaned our bikes! We then played games in the hall including the “snake” where kids play in teams and pass a ball, great for team spirit, speed and ball coordination!

I received one of the nicest drawings from a girl in the camp, which said “thank you for the bike camp today and see you tomorrow” 😍

A very good start to the camp, well done Jura Kids! Bring the wellies and rain coats tomorrow… it will rain the whole day, but we have LOTS of fun activities ready for you!

Jura Kids Summer Camp: Tuesday 20th August

Was it summer today or autumn!? It rained all day so our bikes stayed racked up for the day 😭

In the morning we did many different gymnastics and athletics activities such as jumps, running a slalom course and throwing different kind of hoops. Then we made some food! On the menu there were energy balls made with dates, apricots, almonds and hazelnuts; and also a “bircher muesli” made with oats, coco jogurt, oat milk, apples, nuts, raisins and bananas. Miam 😋

For lunch we went for a walk to the picnic area outside. It was nice to get some fresh air and eat outside !
Upon our return to the hall we played many different games such as dodgeball and “balle brûlée”.

Well done Jura Kids 👍 The sun will be back tomorrow so let’s go back on our bikes !

Jura Kids Summer Camp : Wednesday 21st August

Back on the bikes today! We did a very nice bike ride first thing, and there were already lots of progress since Monday, practice makes perfect!

After out usual snack of homemade bread, nuts, dried fruits and apples, we made some land art ! Once again the kids amaze me with their creativity; this time they did an eagle, a bicycle, a camp fire and a snail !

After lunch, we did a treasure hunt and the kids were in four teams, and had to find 21 objects from the forest (moss, bark, mushroom, acorn, etc…). Cant believe almost all the teams found them all ! Well done !

Mid afternoon we cycled again for a little hour, then we cleaned our bikes, and played relay games in the hall practicing speed and agility.

Nice to be in the sun again ! Well done kids and see you tomorrow full of energy!

Jura Kids Summer Camp: Thursday 22nd August

What a day! We did a very nice bike ride in the morning, and some kids already made great improvements, shows that practice makes perfect! We rode to the river Versoix, and set up our next activity.

We made two camp fires and I also brought little sausages that the kids could grill and they LOVED it. I always run out of sausages… never a single spare one!

After our picnic we went on a hike by the river for a good 90 minutes. It was such a nice day by the river!

We then cycled back to the hall, and celebrated one of the kids’ birthday and we all got to have a little piece of cake!

Another action-packed day for the Jura Kids!

Jura Kids Summer Camp: Friday 23rd August

What a day to end this amazing week and also the last day of the summer camps 2019!

We started the day with a big bike ride of course! Lovely weather today so the conditions were perfect.
At the river Versoix, we made little boats with sticks, bark, leaves and all the different objects the kids could find in the forest. Some boats were impressive with even some catamarans!

Upon our return to the sports hall, we cleaned our bikes to make sure its nice and clean for the weekend! We then played a water relay game which includes a mix of speed, agility and patience! We then celebrated someone’s birthday, 10yo!, happy birthday and thank you for the cake!

Then we had four workshops: cumulative long jump (wow these kids can jump!), a memory game (name all the names and objects from this week’s treasure hunt), obstacle course, and hoops throwing. A great mix of exercises to develop all the ranges of movements and also engaging their memory!

We ended the day with our traditional “aperitif” and prize giving and it was great to see so many proud parents, and so shouls they be as the kids did really well this week!

Many thanks to everyone at the camp this week, children, parents, my amazing coaches Nell, Oriane and Jasper; the commune of Chavannes-des-Bois and all its wonderful staff. And also a HUGE thank you to my family who helped me so much during this summer!

If like the Jura Kids you want to have fun during your school holidays, contact me at thierry@jurasports.com and find out more about the Jura Kids Camps !