Jura Kids Summer Camp : Monday 12th August

Welcome to the amazing 22 kids at the Jura Kids Camp in Chavannes-des-Bois! From 5 to 11 years old and evenly split boys and girls it promises to be a great week!

We started the day by making sure the bikes were working well! Then we did a big bike ride, had lunch, and hopped again on the bike for another ride! The distances ranged from 13 to 21km today ! Well done!

Then we cleaned the bikes, and played different games inspired by athletics (discus, shotput, long jump, run relays).

Great start of the week with a fantastic group!

Jura Kids Summer Camp: Tuesday 13th August

We started the day with a big bike ride, between 7-9km depending on the groups. The kids are having so much fun on the bike and are loving the little roads around Chavannes-des-Bois, perfect for kids !

Our first creative activity was Land Art. The kids made a house, a man, an bow with arrows, a flower and a rocket !

After lunch it was time for a treasure hunt! The kids had to find 19 different objects in the forest, they did amazingly well to find them all and remember the names!

We then hopped on the bikes again for another 10km loop and went back to the hall to do a relay obstacle course indoors.

Wow, what a day! Well done Jura Kids, keep on going!

Jura Kids Summer Camp : Wednesday 14th August

What a day! We started off with a BIG bike ride, from 10 to 14km depending on the groups, and we went to the river Versoix.

At the river we made two fires and grilled some sausages and even some raclette cheese! Note to self to bring more chipolatas and cheese next time…! 🤣

After out picnic we went on a nice hike by the Versoix for a good 90 minutes! Well done kids for being so patient on the hike 👍 We then hopped back on the bikes to go back to the gym hall and some free time waiting for the parents to arrive.

Another action packed day in the outdoors and enjoying the amazing summer time!

Jura Kids Summer Camp: Thursday 15th August

Another amazing day at the camp. We started the day with a big bike ride, between 10-15km depending on the groups. We headed to the river Versoix, and there we made some little boats to float on the river!

Aftet the picnic we stayed in the forest to make some treehouses! Kids loved it and everyone had a role in making great little forts.

Upon our return to the hall, some groups did altogether between 18 and 26km! We then cleaned our bikes, and then played some relay obstacle courses in the gym hall. These kids still had loads of energy! Amazing! Well done Jura Kids !

Jura Kids Summer Camp: Friday 16th August

Today was all about the bike and the Juralympics! We cycled most of the morning and early afternoon, capping off an amazing week of cycling, well done Jura Kids!

In the afternoon the Juralympics consisted of a water relay, long jump, discus throw (with hoops), obstacle course relay and shotput (throwing tennis balls).

We finished the week with some snacks with the parents and a little presentation to jand out the well deserved diplomas to all the brave Jura Kids!

Thank you ALL so much for your support! Big thanks to my coaches Emma, Orla, Jayden and Xavier, to the commune all the staff at Chavannes-des-Bois, and of course all the kids and parents!

If like the Jura Kids you want to have fun during your school holidays, contact me at thierry@jurasports.com and find out more about the Jura Kids Camps !