What a great day action packed with lots of different activities: cycling, obstacle courses outdoors and indoors, we built treehouses, and cleaned our bikes! It’s amazing to see how the kids progress on their bikes since the first camp in Founex. Looking forward to the next days!


After a “bootcamp” style warm up, we cycled to the forest near our treehouses and made camp fires and grilled little sausages (even veggie ones!) After the picnic we played a few relay games and then did some “land art”, where the teams made a campsite, a crocodile and a boat! Lots of creativity with amazing execution! In the afternoon some went to the playground whilst others wanted to do a big bike tour ! Fantastic cycling from the youngsters! We them finished the day doing some relay games in the sports hall. Another fully action packed day, I’m sure all the kids slept well !


Started off with water obstacle relays, which tested the kids’ agility and speed, then we made some nice chalk drawings in front of the main hall: spaceships, the solar system and a huge shark! We then did a big cycling tour before lunch, those kids can ride! After lunch we organised a treasure hunt with nature objects that the kids had to find in teams in the forest. We hopped back on our bikes and returned to the sports hall and celebrated Sean’s 7th birthday and then we played several games testing various skills such as agility, strength and precision! Another fully packed day with lots of different activities! Well done Jura Kids!


Lots of cycling today and we continued our treehouse before building the military tent. We cooled down with a water fight in the playground and we were all drenched! We then started the Juralympics with the first events : long jump, shotput and running relays. Who will win between the black cobras, the white lions and the red scorpions!?


After a big bike ride in the morning, we continued the Juralympics with some memory games: the kids had to remember the 18 objects from Tuesday’s treasure hunt and find them again! We then headed back to the sports hall, cleaned out bikes and did a obstacle course, which was won by 0.19seconds! We carried on the games inside with many different skills games. Our camp finished with a nice presentation with all the parents, and the champions were the White Lions, who won by a single point in front of the Red Scorpions and the Black Cobras. An amazing week with amazing kids. A big thank you to the Commune of Chavannes-des-Bois, the concierge, my staff Nell and Jasper, the parents and the kids for making this event possible and a big success! See you soon for more Jura Kids events ! Thank you!!!