Road to Ironman Argentina

On the 1st December 2019, I will be competing at an Ironman triathlon in Argentina. That’s 3.8km of swimming; 180km of cycling; 42km of running. My goal is to complete the race in anything between 9h 45min and 9h 59min 59sec.

I’m a husband, father of two beautiful daughters, and an endurance sports coach. My goal one day is to qualify for the World Championships in Hawaii, and this race is part of the plan to build experience.

I hope to inspire you to try one day a triathlon, and why not an Ironman? If you have any questions about training, email me at . Here is my journey !

Week 2: September 9 – 15

The road to Ironman Argentina takes me to the…. Seeland Triathlon in Morat (Murten for the German speakers) ! It’s one of my favourite races in Switzerland. There are sprint, olympic and half distance formats and you go through amazing scenery in canton Fribourg and Vaud with views of the Lake Neuchâtel, after a beautiful swim in the Murten See.

So how did I do ? I raced the half distance format (1.9km swim; 83km bike; 20km run) and did really well. I finished 34th overall and 18th in my age group, in a total time of 4h20min to improve my 2015 time by over 10 minutes ! I swam well, kept a good pace with high turnover and straight arm which meant my swim wasn’t pretty but it was efficient. I rode conservatively on purpose to save energy for the run. My power on the bike was similar to what I will aim in Argentina. I felt amazing when I got off the bike, but I started the run too quickly (the only negative aspect of the day) and this I will have to be very cautious during the Ironman. All in all, a strong performance and very happy with the result !

The race came after a solid week of training; the highlight was definitely Wednesday’s ride where I met a young cyclist from Belley in France near the Grand Colombier, and we ended up riding together the whole ride ! Nice to make friends along the way and I showed him our beautiful region as we rode through the vineyards of La Côte.

The only negative I will give me this week is I didn’t stretch enough and didn’t use my Compex. Nutrition side it was almost perfect this week and I felt great during race day. Shoutout to Four Sigmatic mushroom elixirs, I love it ! It’s basically a mushroom powder that you blend with hot water and it tastes like a coffee with great health benefits but no caffeine (I drink too many espressos otherwise…). That was a tip from my Epic Camp friend George who is actually racing IM Italy next weekend and he is hoping punch the ticket to Hawaii ! I’m sure he will do it ! I also loaded up on spirulina (from Flamant Vert) as this really helps me with energy levels and make sure I get all my micronutrients !

The week finished in style as we had a cheese fondue on the terrasse at our best friends Patrick and Renate, washed with a few glasses of white wine. Hey, it’s always good to celebrate and take off your mind from training ! Check out Renate’s website, Coppet Coaching, she’s a great life/personal coach and always asks the right questions to get me to open up a bit !

Summary : stretch and use Compex more. Keep good swim routine. Keep healthy diet.

Stats : Swim : 5.7km / Bike : 258km / 36km

Total training time : 13 hours 12 minutes

HRV (Heart Rate Variability) is trending positively (not on Sunday due to race fatigue…) and resting heart rate is getting better. Weight is stabilising around 73kg.

Thanks for following me !

Week 1: September 2 – 8

Well this is quite exciting as I registered this week for the Ironman Argentina on the 1stDecember 2019 ! The race will be part of a wonderful holiday with my wife as we visit her best friend and bridesmaid Carolina. Somehow, I managed to sneak in a race during our holidays…

As part of my training journey, I will be writing a blog detailing all the sessions I do, what I eat and the life in general of triathlete! As a coach I probably have more time to train then my athletes that are working in offices. I’m lucky to have the outdoors as my office, and will try to inspire all of you to reach your goals or set ambition ones.

The highlight of this week was definitely Wednesday’s ride in the Jura. The weather was amazing and even managed a PB on the local climb La Baudichonne, averaging 278 watts for 46min on the 9km segment with 900m elevation. Also, had an amazing time on the Barillette Jura Trail Run. We luckily escaped the rain and had an amazing time, great for my long run !

The lowlight was definitely my wife falling from her horse and she luckily escaped with only a big bruise and could have been a lot worse !

My weight is a little over than normal, and will target to lose at least 1.5 to 2kg. I must be a bit more careful on cheese, chocolate and alcohol…

It’s been a very busy week as well meeting new athletes and writing all the blogs and making the videos of the Kids Camps, so overall I’m very pleased with this first week of training !



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