Growing up as a child in Switzerland I was very luck to play many different sports. Football, Tennis, Cycling, Hockey, Golf, Swimming, Skating, Skiing, Cross Country Snowshoeing etc. I enjoyed them all. What I didn’t realise is that I was actually cross training and developing many different skills. Football was allowing me to run and spend energy, whilst golf was teaching me technique and mental skills. Furthermore, I never got bored. That’s actually what I love about triathlon, you swim, bike and run; there’s always a different workout during the week.

Triathlon and cycling are definitely summer sports. Cross training during the year also has huge benefits, but I find that during the winter it provides the body and the mind a well-deserved break. In the winter, I love to go cross-country skiing. Now this is, of course, not accessible to everybody however I am sure you can find other activities to try. Some people are scared of losing their fitness over the winter. What’s wrong with that? We can’t be 100% during the whole year. However, Cross-country Skiing allows me to keep a good level of fitness, and work on many other muscles; it’s a great full body workout.

Cross country skiing
Hiking in Switzerland

Winter is a time to change your mind and do something different. Of course, I will still be swimming, cycling and running, but much less.

Cross training enables you do develop and train other muscles and skills. It also gives you a break from the sport you are focusing on. Sometimes we just need a break.

If you’re a cyclist, why not go for a jog or a swim? You’re a runner, why not try pilates or swimming? You’re a swimmer, why not try running or squash? You’re a triathlete, why not try cross-country skiing or hiking? You’re a golfer, why not try snowshoeing? The options are endless.

Try to find something you love and fits your lifestyle, and it will make your hunger for your main sport even bigger when the season begins. Mix it up and stay active!

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