I am passionate about all sports, and since a very young age I tried many different sports. Not only I enjoyed the variety but I am convinced this variety of sports made me a stronger, better and more complete athlete.

This is why I created Jura Sports. Based in Founex in Switzerland, Jura Sports offers endurance sports coaching in running, cycling and triathlon; and also kids camp for children and junior age groups.

Quality over quantity. We all have busy lives with work and family, but we also want to perform our sports the best we can.

Every hour counts and we will create a program that is tailor-made for you to help you reach your goals, whether this is competing in your first triathlon, achieve a marathon personal best, or compete in cycling events. My approach takes everything into account: endurance, strength, mobility, mental strength and nutrition. We leave no stones unturned.

Sport is a powerful educational tool for children. Up to their mid-teens, children should be playing many sports in order to learn different skills that are important to be a complete and rounded athlete.

Trying different sports will also improve their confidence as we all have strength and weaknesses. Kids will be encouraged to play in teams and learn the values of camaraderie, fair play and healthy competitiveness to give your best for your team mates and thus improving yourself.




  • Yuna HuangYuna Huang

    Fantastic camp!!! My daughter's cycling level has improved significantly. Although she felt very tired and difficult at first, she fell in love with cycling on the last day and wishes to continue this sport. Big thanks to Thierry and the entire Jura Sports team for bringing her a lot of positive energy and security, definitely an unforgettable experience!

  • Nicolas LockhartNicolas Lockhart

    I thoroughly recommend Thierry's coaching. He will set a well-tailored training program that will make you fitter and faster; he is responsive and communicative; and he brings lots of enthusiasm and motivation.

    The best evidence is that my times for the Half Ironman triathlon distance have fallen by around 20 minutes in the two years we've been working together; and I just finished 3rd in my age group in the Geneva Half Triathlon. I'm even enjoying the run at the end of a triathlon these days. I've also finished well in two long distance road bike races these past two years.

    Thierry sets a detailed daily training program based around my objectives and the time I have available for training. He reviews the program regularly, and is really good at adapting it as we go, for example, if I am more tired than expected or have extra work commitments. He is also on the lookout for innovative training techniques and devices that make an incremental difference. I'm grateful to Thierry for his work.

  • Jamie RobertsonJamie Robertson

    Thierry is an excellent coach, I highly recommend. I really appreciate all of the work he is doing building a community of like-minded enthusiasts with the Zwift Racing League, it's such a great motivation!

  • Ulrika RehnströmUlrika Rehnström

    Excellent kids club!

  • S ZS Z

    Nothing but gratitude for Theirry and his team for creating "the best camp ever!" for my 7 year old during the Summer holidays. Professional and caring team provided an action packed week long adventure in the great outdoors. It was really good value for money too! Will definitely do again next holidays.